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Let’s talk about Michelle, who enjoys panoramic views from her bay window in Newcastle Upon Tyne. But on cold winter days, light and warmth were not enough to make it cosy.

Michelle went on the lookout to find the best solution to dress her windows. She called in Victoria’s Shutters, professional plantation shutter installers, for a solution to provide her with  the comfort she desired. Victoria’s Shutter’s gave her the best quote and recommended perfect matching bay window shutters in white wood for ultimate light control.

The bay window wooden shutters suited Michelle’s windows perfectly – with three panels, including two top and bottom panels, allowing natural light, whilst giving her privacy and a luxurious finish for her bedroom. 

As we customised the shutter style to suit the unique shape of the bay windows; installation was a breeze. With shutters featuring an easy-to-clean material that didn’t need adjusting or fussing with often; this solution was ideal for Michelle.

Bay Window Shutters proved to be cost-effective too; leaving our customer absolutely pleased with the end result of the style and sophistication added to her bedroom.

From café style shutters to full-height models, popular bay window shutters come in many forms. It all depends on the structure of your windows.

Shutters for bay windows sizes

For instance, tier-on-tier shutters allow two panels to move independently of each other, creating an individual look that screams ‘deluxe’. Alternatively, opting for full-height shutters provides impressive coverage – best suited when you want maximum privacy. Plus, they help retain heat.

Shutter Styles

Then there’s the finished style. Pure white is a classic choice, and MDF is quickly establishing itself as a key component of modern interior design. With two layers offering insulation and sound absorption capabilities – it’s no wonder why homeowners are choosing MDF over traditional wood.

Full measure

Once you decide on your desired style, taking the window measurements correctly is of utmost importance. If accuracy is off by even a tiny amount, the whole window dressing may not work as intended. We can measure the windows for you during our free, no-obligation home survey for great results.

When installed correctly, bay window shutters visually enhance living rooms and bedrooms alike; plus improve upon security and noise control. The ‘wow factor’ really starts when you combine them with other high visible accessories like pelmets – instantly giving kerb appeal to a quaint old cottage or a chic London town house alike.

Bay window shutters are the perfect solution for creating a cosy and pristine atmosphere in your home’s bedroom. With our expertly-measured, custom-made hardwood shutters, you can craft unique window dressings that bring warmth and style in equal measure.

Plantation shutters ranges

Whether you have box bay or uPVC windows, our installation service will ensure that each shutter panel is tailored to fit your whole window. Choose from our range of tier or full-height options, then personalise with any colour scheme or material -from pure white shutters made of MDF to luxurious hardwood.

Maintenance of shutter panels

Our friendly team will carefully install your shutters, from measuring them accurately to giving you advice on cleaning them with only a damp cloth. In this way, we ensure that all our shutters fit perfectly into the existing decor at home – while maintaining their timeless style and durability over time.

Window shutter energy efficiency

Not only can bay window shutters add an extra edge of flair and sophistication to your bedroom space, but they are the perfect option in terms of energy efficiency too; by keeping warm air contained within your house during cold weather as opposed to letting it out through uncovered windows! Who would have thought preventing heat loss could be a design feature?

Light and privacy control

With shutters, you get perfect control over the amount of light entering your bedroom. It’s no wonder that bay window shutters are becoming increasingly popular in homes throughout the UK. 

The cost of shutters is influenced by various factors.

The type of wood used for the wooden shutters affects the price, as different wood types have different costs. The style that suits bay windows, such as tier shutters, can also impact the price due to their unique design. The size and number of windows in the bay, along with the slat size, also contribute to the overall cost.

Colour choice plays a role as well, with custom colours potentially adding to the expense. Lastly, the overall quality of the shutters impacts the price, as higher-quality materials and craftsmanship often come at a higher cost. Considering these factors when deciding on your budget and design preferences will help you find the perfect plantation shutters for your bay windows.

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