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The hidden tilt rods mechanism is built inside the side stile of each shutter panel. You can operate the louvres with just one touch. The opening and closing of slats is effortless and smooth, thanks to the hidden rod that’s tucked away out of sight. Say goodbye to the traditional centre tilt rod, and hello to a world of sleek window shutters, where you don’t see the rod!

Plantation shutters, whether hidden tilt rod or not, are an excellent choice of window dressing. But who wouldn’t want to upgrade their shutters to a more contemporary style?  Unencumbered by a visible rod that distracts from their innate sleek design, hidden tilt rod shutters offer a fresh and modern take on a traditional style, ensuring your home is up-to-date, while retaining its classic charm.

You may be wondering if hidden tilt rod shutters are suitable for all window types? These versatile window coverings can be tailored to suit any window shape or size. Whether you’re looking for full height shutters with wide slats for tall living room windows, or a mid-rail to divide café-style shutters, the hidden tilt option is available for all shutter styles.

But why stop at windows? With their sleek appearance and seamless functionality, hidden tilt shutters are a popular option for dressing patio doors and other large openings. 

For those of you still clinging to the visible tilt rod as a bastion of tradition, take a moment to consider the advantages of the hidden tilt version. Not only do hidden tilt rod shutters have a more current look, they also give you an unobstructed view when the louvres are open, allowing natural light to flood your home and create a bright and airy atmosphere. Instead of operating one louvre, the hidden tilt rod allows you to control all panel slats at the same time. And let’s not forget the ease of cleaning – with no cumbersome tilt bar to contend with, your shutter maintenance will be a breeze!

Hidden tilt rod shutters can be slightly more expensive than traditional shutters with visible tilt rods. The increased cost is due to the more complex mechanism needed to operate the louvres without a visible rod. However, the price will vary depending on the material, the size of the window, and the manufacturer. Contact us today, and we will help you find the best option that fits your budget.

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