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Plantation Shutters in Hexham

Our experienced team is here for you with no-cost home surveys and design consultations, so you can get the best solution for your project.

Welcome to Plantation Shutters Hexham!

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Shutters are a perfect way to spruce up an interior and make any room look fashionable. There are numerous styles and sizes of shutters available, so you can find one that suits your desired design.

We are proud to showcase our amazing plantation shutter installations in Hexham!

Victoria’s Shutters provides an extensive selection of shutters, recently installed in Hexham. We can help you decide if plantation shutters are the right choice. An on-site visit is required to provide you with an accurate estimate for installation.


This is a fantastic option for families with kids since there are no cords involved!


Open the window without taking down the curtains or blinds effortlessly.


Plantation shutters provide the perfect solution to light gaps and privacy concerns. Due to their snug fit, they can also help to insulate your windows better and keep unwanted eyes out.

Upgrade the style of your Hexham home with the perfect plantation shutters.

Searching for a specific window shutter design?

Bay Window Shutters

With made-to-measure bay window shutters, you can maintain the perfect lines of the bay window. A bay window shutter can maximise natural light without compromising privacy, and they can further insulate your home.

Full Height Shutters

Tilt Rod Shutters

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