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Plantation Shutters in Newcastle upon Tyne

We provide stylish, affordable shutters for all sizes and shapes of windows in Newcastle and across the Northeast. We are a top-rated, long-established, family run company. 

Our bespoke window shutters provide insulation against exterior noises, and give you added security and privacy. They keep a home warmer in winter and cooler in summer, lowering utility bills. 

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You can choose from different shapes, styles, materials and designs by room to create a stunning look that looks gorgeous in any interior.


Plantation Shutter Installations in Newcastle upon Tyne

Plantation shutters, which are also referred to as plantation blinds, got their name from their origin in the Old American South. They were used on the windows of the large farms and estates that produced tobacco, coffee, sugar cane and cotton.

These farms were known as plantations. The shutters plantation owners favoured are characterised by their wide louvres, whereas other shutters tend to have narrow wedge-shaped louvres.

Plantation owners typically installed shutters on the outside the windows in the American South. While this custom continues, in the US and many European countries, most UK homeowners opt to fit interior window shutters.

Interior shutters are a modern alternative to blinds or curtains. Considering how practical and attractive they are, it is little wonder people are changing to these appealing window treatments to transform a room’s look and feel.

Made from durable materials, modern plantation shutters do not warp or split, and with minimal care last for many years, looking as good as they did after the initial installation. You will not need to replace them for a very long time, and even when they do need replacing, it is usually possible to re-use the outer frames and only fit new slats.

If you have a home that calls for the unique character of plantation shutters, or you are tired of shabby curtains and flimsy blinds, get in touch with us to discuss your options. We will arrange a free home visit and provide you with the best personal quote for installation.


Our plantation shutters provide enhanced privacy and insulation as they ‘hug’ the window and cover any light gaps.


Enjoy the views from your windows without having to pull up the blinds or move the curtains.


Shutters are a fabulous family friendly choice as unlike with blinds and some curtains, there are no cords – making them ideal for homes where there are young children or pets.

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With made-to-measure bay window shutters, you can maintain the perfect lines of the bay window. A bay window shutter can maximise natural light without compromising privacy, and they can further insulate your home.

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Our team will help you choose the right solution for your windows and home’s decor and provide an affordable and transparent quote. Make sure you don’t miss out on the finest shutters Newcastle has to offer!

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