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Shutters By Material

Shutters by Material - Georgia Plantation Shutters



The beautiful Montana slatted blinds are made from highly robust, quality wood.



The Hollywood range is 100% waterproof and a perfect fit for bathrooms, kitchens and wet rooms. These shutters have incredible strength and durability to prevent warping, denting and chipping.



The Seattle MDF shutters are incredibly robust and durable. They are perfect shutters for high footfall or high traffic areas such as children’s playrooms or a patio door. Very easy to clean with just a wipe down. Available in five shades of white.


Phoenix plantation shutters are made of a light eco wood that we can be stained to suit your personal taste. Phoenix shutters are very elegant, light, versatile, and have clean lines. They are a popular choice for large partitions.

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Bespoke Wooden Shutters Ideal for Arches , Barn Conversions

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