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A plantation shutter enhances privacy, enhances aesthetics, and saves energy in your house in Alnwick. We offer bespoke designs that you can take a look at today!
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Getting Plantation Shutters Alnwick is now easier than ever!
Alnwick is one of the towns we service with our window shutters and blinds.

There are several styles, shapes, and finishes of plantation shutters that can be supplied and installed by our team in Alnwick:

There is no shortage of colours and finishes when it comes to window shutters. We offer whites, creams, bold colours, and contemporary hues. Your home can be enhanced or made to stand out with shutters!

It is important to choose window dressing trends that are practical and easy to maintain.


  • Bay-Window Shutters
  • Tier-on-Tier Window shutters
  • Café Style Shutters
  • Large Shutters
  • Bi-fold Shutters
  • Tilt-rod Shutters


  • Hardwood Shutters
  • Blackout shutters
  • MDF
  • Various Colours


  • Montana
  • Seattle
  • Georgia
  • Holywood
  • Phoenix


  • Living Room shutters
  • Kitchen shutters
  • Bedroom Shutters
  • Home Office Shutters
  • Dormer & Attic Shutters
  • Conservatory Shutters
  • Bathroom Shutters


  • Circular
  • Angled & Raked
  • Sunburst
  • Arched
  • Multi panel arch
  • Hexagon
  • Octagon
  • Triangle
  • Quarter round

What makes Alnwick Plantation Shutters unique?

Alnwick homes look great with plantation shutters!

  1. When blinds contain slats or strings, cleaning them can be challenging. Contrary to this, plantation shutters are low maintenance. Keep them looking new by dusting or wiping them with a damp cloth.
  2. Shutters allow you to control the amount of light entering your home while maintaining privacy. Easily adjust the amount of light coming in with the wide louvres. By closing the shutters, you can increase your home’s privacy and prevent anyone from seeing inside.
  3. Plantation shutters are more durable and long-lasting than blinds. Choosing high-quality materials, such as hardwood or faux wood shutters, is important when selecting a window treatment solution.
  4. Plantation shutters provide excellent insulation in summer and winter, improving energy efficiency. It is possible to reduce energy costs and heat transfer by installing them between your windows and your room.
  5. The shape and size of your window can be customised with plantation shutters, so they seamlessly integrate with the interior design of your home. Choosing colours, finishes, and louvre sizes allows you to create a look unique to you.

It's easier than ever to choose plantation shutters in Alnwick!

Alnwick Plantation Shutters are a return to classic shutter blinds
Bedroom window shutters tier on tier Alnwick
Curved bay window shutters

Shutters with narrow louvres are popular for colonial homes. A classic addition to any home, these louvred shutters fit any size window.

Plantation Shutters Alnwick wooden shutter ranges were developed to cater to the needs of older mansions built on plantations that used those shutters in the Old South, including California shutters, Seattle shutters, Boston shutters, Phoenix shutters, Hollywood shutters, and Carolina shutters. During the last few decades, these shutters haven’t undergone many changes.

Plantation shutters have become more accessible to English homeowners thanks to technological advancements. According to all interior and home designers, plantation shutters look great on British windows!

Alnwick houses look stunning with window shutters!

Plantation Shutters Reviews

What Victoria’s Shutters Customers say

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Great company. Nick came to measure up and quote for the downstairs window shutters. They look so amazing, we are having Nick also provide them for the upstairs Windows. Professional, affordable and reliable company. If you are looking for plantation shutters, look no further.


Victoria's Shutters Checkatrade

We were delighted with the product we ordered and the workmanship when fitting was excellent and couldn’t be faulted.

Nick, was our main contact and I found him to be a top man, a total professional.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this company 100%.



plantation shutters Alnwick
From start to finish Nick was fantastic. He was professional and friendly. The timescales given were accurate and we were kept well informed. The end result was amazing and worth every penny.

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Blackout Shutters

Blackout Shutters

Blackout shutters offer an array of advantages, making them an increasingly popular choice among UK homeowners. Get a quote for plantation shutters today.

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