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Why you should probably ditch your old blinds for good!

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We are pleased to serve Dewsbury and the surrounding areas in Yorkshire with window shutters and blinds from Victoria’s Shutters!

Among the styles, shapes, and finishes available with Dewsbury plantation shutters are:

It is important for homeowners to pay attention to the details of their windows, both inside and outside their homes.

It is however important to select window dressing trends that are practical and easy to maintain.

In terms of window design, plantation shutters are popular among homemakers though!


  • Bay-Window Shutters
  • Tier-on-Tier Window shutters
  • Café Style Shutters
  • Large Shutters
  • Bi-fold Shutters
  • Tilt-rod Shutters


  • Montana
  • Seattle
  • Georgia
  • Holywood
  • Phoenix


  • Circular
  • Angled & Raked
  • Sunburst
  • Arched
  • Multi panel arch
  • Hexagon
  • Octagon
  • Triangle
  • Quarter round


  • Kitchen shutters
  • Living Room shutters
  • Bedroom Shutters
  • Bathroom Shutters
  • Home Office Shutters
  • Dormer & Attic Shutters
  • Conservatory Shutters


  • Hardwood Shutters
  • Blackout shutters
  • MDF
  • Various Colours

Compared to other window treatments, what makes Plantation Shutters Dewsbury the best option?

Our clean and simple designs

Plantation shutters are designed to be simple and practical. Typically, shutters are composed of two large vertical panels separated into sections:

  1. The rails of a shutter are horizontal slats on either side. To separate plantation shutters into tiers, a flat rail can also be added.
  2. A shutter frame is composed of vertical surfaces called ‘stiles’. A louvre is a slat that can be tilted and adjusted to control the amount of light between the stiles. To suit your interior design, Victoria’s Shutters offers a variety of louvre sizes and shapes.
  3. Plantation shutters are operated by tilt poles that control the louvres’ movement.

Dewsbury plantation shutters are built to last!

The time has come for classic American shutters to return to Dewsbury!
tier on tier shutter blinds Dewsbury
Cafe style window shutters Dewsbury

In the Old South, mansions and houses of old found beauty and practicality in shutters, hence Plantation Shutter Dewsbury wooden shutters inspired by:

  • Phoenix,
  • Hollywood,
  • Seattle,
  • Boston,
  • Carolina,
  • California shutters

Even though they appear old-fashioned, these shutters have remained relatively unchanged for many years.

Plantation shutters are now available and better than ever in English homes thanks to modern technology. A unanimous agreement among interior and home designers is that plantation shutters look fantastic on all British windows!

A Dewsbury home could have wonderful window shutters installed!

A wide range of styles are available for Dewsbury Plantation Shutters!

With today’s plantation shutters, you have the option of choosing the size, style, and fabric to suit your home. In order to enhance the architectural appeal of residential and commercial properties, finish options are available for the material, which is normally hardwood.

A lifetime of enjoyment is guaranteed with plantation shutters for Dewsbury, whether they are made of cherry, mahogany, or walnut.

03d hardwood arched shutters Dewsbury
8b bay window hardwood shutters Dewsbury

In addition to covering multiple window dividers, plantation shutters can cover one large window or multiple smaller windows.

With Victoria’s Shutters in Dewsbury, you can add a dash of style to your home easily! To meet your exact requirements, we offer custom shutters.

The value of plantation shutters remains unsurpassed today. Additionally, they offer a number of practical advantages as compared to old-fashioned window blinds. The benefits of plantation shutters extend beyond privacy. They are also good for controlling light and insulating!

Plantation Shutters Reviews

What Victoria’s Shutters Customers say

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Great company. Nick came to measure up and quote for the downstairs window shutters. They look so amazing, we are having Nick also provide them for the upstairs Windows. Professional, affordable and reliable company. If you are looking for plantation shutters, look no further.


Victoria's Shutters Checkatrade

We were delighted with the product we ordered and the workmanship when fitting was excellent and couldn’t be faulted.

Nick, was our main contact and I found him to be a top man, a total professional.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this company 100%.



plantation shutters Dewsbury
From start to finish Nick was fantastic. He was professional and friendly. The timescales given were accurate and we were kept well informed. The end result was amazing and worth every penny.

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Looking for specific plantation shutter styles?

Blackout Shutters

Blackout Shutters

Blackout shutters offer an array of advantages, making them an increasingly popular choice among UK homeowners. Get a quote for plantation shutters today.

Get in touch with us right away to get a quote, and don’t miss your chance to have the most beautiful plantation shutters and blinds fitted in Dewsbury, Yorkshire.